Australia has no shortage of talent when it comes to top level copywriters.

The role of the copywriter is to describe and promote their clients. Unfortunately this quite often means that professional copywriters are simply too damned busy to toot their own horns.

I thought I would take the opportunity to toot the proverbial horn on their behalves.

Who are these masters of the written word? What do they do and how do they do it?

This article introduces you to 20 ( make that 22 ) of the best copywriters working today in Australia.


Kate Toon  – Sydney, NSW


“I’m responsible for every piece of work I produce for my clients. Kate Toon Copy isn’t a large agency with hundreds of minions working behind the scenes.

I began my career as a journalist, moved into publishing, and then into events. In 1997 I started working in the emerging area of digital.”

Recent Clients: Westpac, American Express, Virgin Mobile, Symantec


Glenn Murray  – Sydney NSW


Glenn has written for over 300 clients all around the world. They number some of the world’s leading brands. Like IBM, Toyota, Telstra, Virgin, Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Government.

“My philosophy is that great copywriting is more than just clever words. It’s about owning the outcome of every sentence. Put another way: Good copy says things well; great copy says the RIGHT things well.”

Recent Clients: Toyota, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Raine & Horne, Cloud Networks Australia


Melinda Leyshon


“My knowledge of publishing comes from CCH Australia, Australia’s leading tax and accounting publisher. I began as a sub-editor, where I worked on CCH’s flagship product and received intensive, ongoing training and development. As my editing skills became more refined, I took responsibility for books, with the highest-selling non-fiction book in Australia being one of my many responsibilities.

It was a combination of these roles, as well as the process-driven environment of CCH, that has provided me with not only the skill-set I have, but also an uncompromising approach to quality.”

Recent Clients: QualDes, Nepean Inner Designs, Future Financial Services, University of Western Sydney


Jeff Palmer – Sunshine Coast Queensland


I have been in the advertising and marketing business since 1996 both as a copywriter and marketing professional. My clients have included 3M, Philips, Siemens International, Kodak and many other blue-chip businesses.

I have written sales, advertising and marketing material for Olgilvy and Mathers, Saatchi & Saatchi and many prominent players in the online marketing, financial and self development industries.

My motto is,  “You connect by telling your story”


 Belinda Weaver


“I believe good copywriting needs to really talk to people, and that’s the kind of copy Copywrite Matters creates. You don’t have to choose between effective copy and creating an engaging brand personality.

I create high quality content for businesses who want to share their knowledge and create meaningful engagement with their customers.”

Recent Clients: Family Life Ministries, Matryx Consulting, Green Chilli Marketing, Disprax Email


Shae Baxter


“I get your web content found and more people to read it. Miss Sassy of, Her mission? To banish Welcome To My Website from the
online world forever!”


Sarah Morton


“I’m a marketing copywriter that helps brands tell their stories through powerful content, including websites, social media, blogs, newsletters, e-books, articles and advertising.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped businesses of all sizes grow their brand with SEO copywriting and content marketing across the tourism, non-profit, healthcare, B2B and consumer lifestyle industries.”

Recent Clients: Austral Cloud, Starr Public Relations, Lime Marketing, Kerr Allan Financial


Anna Butler

Anna Butler Copywriter

“I’ve always loved words and language, so making the transition to a full time copywriter seemed the natural thing to do. I specialise in written communication including website content, SEO, blogs, advertising and marketing copywriting, social media strategies, and business writing”

“What matters most about your message is that your audience understands it (even if that message is showing them the quickest way to the door) and where my skills lie is with crafting that message.”

Recent Clients: Flinders University, Midas Home Loans, Hastings Design, Homebuyers Centre


Emily Read


I make it my business to know all about your business. Then I choose the perfect words to sell your business to your customers, while ensuring that your content also sweet-talks Google and other search engines.


 Max Kitchen


Digital and direct response copywriter with over 15 years experience working at the most progressive agencies in Australia and the UK, including Host Sydney, RAPP/DDB Sydney and DARE Digital in London.

​ I use the power of words to get your customers to pick up the phone, visit your website, engage with you socially – and more importantly – sell your products​

Recent Clients: Volkswagon, AUSTAR, Bankwest, Vision Australia, Discovery Channel


Gina Lofaro

Gina Lofaro

Make every word count. Outsource your writing tasks for best results.

As a specialist marketing copywriter, I can write your material so that it sells your products, your services or yourself.

Recent Clients: Ellenni Foods, Chelsea Brands, Thrive Promotional, Razz Marketing


Nicole Leedham   -  Adelaide, South Australia

Nicole Leedham

Nicole is the Word Barista behind Black Coffee Communication – where your message never sleeps.

“You can turn to me for ideas that will rock your marketing, public relations, branding and any business communication. I can even make those dull policy, procedure and corporate documents a little sexier.”

Recent Clients:  Australian Catholic University, AUSCOAL Super, RHAS, Industry Capability Network, ER Strategies


Damien Elsing  -  Melbourne, Victoria


“During my time as a copywriter I’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of businesses, individuals, and organisations, helping them develop compelling copy and content marketing strategies that directly affect their bottom line.

The thing I love most about copywriting is working with people who are passionate about improving their business. That kind of energy and drive is contagious, and I love meeting new clients who are motivated to improve the way they communicate, tell their story, and connect with people.”

Recent Clients: Davebilt, Westpac, M Harding, Frankie Dean, Tim Reid, REO Recruitment


Sally Bagshaw – Brisbane, Australia


I was one of the geeky kids sent to writing camps at school, and I went on to study business communication at university. Over the years I have gradually transitioned from being a traditional copywriter and marketer to focus on all things web and content strategy. I’ve worked in a wide range of private and government organisations both big and small – in all sorts of communication, web and project management roles.

Since establishing Snappy Sentences I’ve been lucky enough to have had a variety of clients, and have written many websites, brochures and publications though probably 90 per cent of my work is now web related.

Recent Clients: Suncorp, The Mater Foundation, Novotel, Ezidebit, The Coffee Club, Trilby Misso


Meri Harli   – Collingwood Victoria

Meri’s work in digital media began in the heart of the bubble in mid-90’s Silicon Valley where she worked for Wired Digital in San Francisco, California (1996-1998) as part of the original HotWired team – the people who created the first web banner. In the USA she also worked for Broderbund Software on the multimedia game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

Meri is also a professional ‘ghost writer’, published poet, and creative fiction writer.

Recent Clients: ANZ Bank, National Gallery of Victoria,  Sensis Pty Ltd, Moss Financial


Trish Arnott  – Sydney, Australia


I’ve always had a keen interest in languages and, besides English, have studied French, Italian, Spanish and Indonesian. My belief is that, when writing for general consumption, one should write copy that is clear, concise and devoid of jargon.

Many of my original clients have continued using me as they move between agencies or companies.

I enjoy Research and browse a large number of publications and websites to find unusual and interesting products, services and general information.

Recent Clients: ANZ, Archdesign,  NQ,  Groundtruth


Robin Storey  – Sunshine Coast Queensland


Author, freelance writer, bookworm, recovering chocolate addict

My specialty is writing e-books for business. E-books are an increasingly popular way for businesses to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Here’s how they work:

Professional writer since 1993. Articles published in newspapers such as The Australian, Courier Mail and the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Contributions to magazines such as New Idea, New Woman, Single Life,  50 Something, Noosa Blue, Sunshine Coast Weekender and Business Matters.


Sharon Green


Sharon Green is a journalist and copywriter based in Melbourne, Australia.

As a former Fairfax Media news reporter, Sharon has written across a variety of community newspapers including Point Cook Weekly, Melbourne Weekly Magazine, City Weekly and the Melbourne Times.

Her work has also appeared in a number of leading Australian publications including the The Age, Herald Sun, Geelong Advertiser, Bride magazine, desktop, Onya Magazine, and Fashion Journal.


Katrina Whitehead


Although I’ve been stringing words together for many years, my copywriting career began in 1998, when I secured a gig writing multimedia voiceover for digital agency, The Eclipse Group. I went on to work as Copy Editor for OneDigital (now part of the Isobar network), before diving headfirst into the world of freelance.

Today I work for a wide range of clients and agencies.

Recent Clients: Microsoft, Optus, Telstra, Nestle, NineMSN, Nissan,Adcorp


Peter Crocker


I began my career as a copywriter for direct mail book company Doubleday, where I wrote direct marketing brochures, direct mail letters, advertisements, editor’s letters and sales letters for new member recruitment.

From there I moved into online marketing for The Eclipse Group, where I was responsible for managing content on Since 1998, I have worked exclusively on marketing online.

Recent Clients: Creatiqmedia,, OneDigital, Finished Art Workshop


Shauna Maguire – Brisbane Queensland


I love a good conversation and it’s my aim to create effortless, flowing conversation between you and your customers and clients.  I know that not everyone communicates in the same way which is why I can provide original and creative content in a variety of tones from formal to informal, conservative to familiar, changing my writing ‘voice’ to suit that of you and your business.

So if you need a copywriter to help with your website content (including SEO copywriting), blogs, newsletters or any other kind of written content, ‘Take my word for it’ I’ll get your business talking in a language everyone will understand.

Recent Clients: Leaders in Heels, MooMu Media, Sterling & Hyde, Xtend Barre Australia


Pete Godfrey – North Queensland


I’m a full time copywriter and marketing consultant who has honed his skills for the past 10 years on the frontlines of Direct Response Marketing. I publish the only Direct Response Copywriting & Marketing newsletter specifically written for the Australian small business owner.

I’ve personally trained many of Australia’s new crop of copywriters and marketers including Bret Thomson, Dean Kennedy, Bill Dimitrovski, Kevin Francis, Dana Steddy, Denva Emery, Malissa Isted, Angela Smith and many, many others.

Recent Clients: Mal Emery, Daryl & Andrew Grant, Paul Blackburn, Bill Zheng, Pat Mesiti, Scott Finlay.


Bret Thomson – Gold Coast Queensland


Bret Thomson is one of Australia’s highest paid in-demand copywriter/marketing & conversion strategists, best selling author, speaker, coach and mentor to thousands.

Bret has been the secret weapon behind some of the largest (and most profitable) direct response marketing campaigns in Australia.

His wickedly effective ability to nail the BIG IDEA is admired and respected by even the most seasoned marketing experts.

Recen Clients: Jennie Armato, Jamie McIntyre, Sean Roach


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